Certification Course List

Course Description
Campus/RTC Delivery
Department Delivery
Airport Fire Fighter
Alabama Smoke Diver
Fire and Emergency Services Instructor I
Fire and Emergency Services Instructor II
Fire and Emergency Services Instructor III
Fire Apparatus Operator: Aerial
Fire Apparatus Operator: Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting
Fire Apparatus Operator: Mobile Water Supply
Fire Apparatus Operator: Pumper
Fire Department Safety Officer: Health and Safety Officer
Fire Department Safety Officer: Incident Safety Officer
Fire Fighter I/II Bridge Program
Fire Fighter I Recertification
Fire Fighter I/II
Fire Fighter II
Fire Inspector I
Fire Inspector II
Fire Inspector III
Fire Investigator
Fire Investigator II
Fire Officer I
Fire Officer II
Fire Officer III
Fire Officer IV
Hazardous Materials/WMD – Awareness
Hazardous Materials/WMD – Operations
Hazardous Materials/WMD – Awareness & Operations
Hazardous Materials/WMD – Incident Commander
Hazardous Materials/WMD – Technician
Honor Guard
Live Fire Instructor/Live Fire Instructor In Charge
Marine Fire Fighter
Plans Examiner I
Public Fire & Life Safety Educator I
Public Fire & Life Safety Educator II
Public Information Officer
Public Safety Telecommunicator I/II
Rapid Intervention Crew Member
RT: Cave I/II
Technical Rescue Personnel: Cave Rescue Awareness, Operations, and Technician
RT: Confined Space I/II
Technical Rescue Personnel: Confined Space Rescue Awareness, Operations, and Technician
RT: Dive I
RT: Rope I
Technical Rescue Personnel: Rope Rescue Awareness and Operations
RT: Rope II
RT: Structural Collapse I/II
RT: Surface Water I/II
RT: Swiftwater Bridge
RT: Swiftwater I/II
RT: Trench I/II
RT: Vehicle Extrication I & Machinery Extrication I
RT: Vehicle Extrication II & Machinery Extrication II
RT: Wilderness I/II
Volunteer Fire Fighter: Module I
Volunteer Fire Fighter: Module II
Volunteer Fire Fighter: Module III