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NIMS IS 800. b: An Introduction to the National Response Framework


This course introduces you to the National Response Plan, including the concept of operations upon which the plan is built, roles and responsibilities of the key players, and the organizational structures used to manage these resources. The NRP provides a framework to ensure that we can all work together when our Nation is threatened. The course is designed for DHS and other Federal department/agency staff responsible for implementing the NRP, as well as State, local and private sector emergency management professionals. Purpose of the course is to introduce the NRP, so that students can: (A) describe the purpose of the NRP, (B) locate information within the NRP, (C) describe the roles and responsibilities of entities as specified in the NRP, (D) identify the organizational structure used for NRP coordination, (E) describe the field-level organizations and teams activated under the NRP, and (F) identify the incident management activities addressed by the NRP.

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Hours   4
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