Course Delivery Options

Course Delivery Options

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Traditional delivery: A traditional course is one in which instruction is delivered fully on-site with face-to-face interaction between the instructor and student on a designated schedule. A traditional course may make use of computers, the internet, or other electronic media in the classroom. Students may be directed to online materials provided by publishers or to other internet-accessible sources as part of their coursework. Students may need access to a computer.

Example: Rescue Technician: Structural Collapse I/II on campus at the AFC or a Fire Instructor I being hosted at a local fire department.


Hybrid delivery: A hybrid course has fewer in-person course meetings than a traditional course. A portion of the course is delivered online and a portion is delivered at a designated site on a designated schedule (ex. skills/JPR testing). Students must have access to a computer. Hybrid courses incorporate the same competencies as courses offered in the traditional classroom. Instead of attending a course where an instructor provides a lecture and leads a classroom discussion, hybrid courses utilize the internet in various degrees to deliver course content. This allows students and instructors to overcome the constraints of time, geography, and career commitments.

Example: Certified Volunteer Fire Fighter course where much of the course content is reviewed without an instructor in a given time frame and at the student’s own pace. End-of-subject exams are conducted via computer through AFC Online. Skills review and testing are conducted face-to-face with skills proctors.

Additional conditions and requirements apply to certain courses.

Course DescriptionCampus/RTC DeliveryDepartment DeliveryTraditionalHybrid
Airport Fire Fighter
Alabama Smoke Diver
Emergency Care Provider
Emergency Vehicle Driver
Fire Apparatus Operator: Aerial
Fire Apparatus Operator: Airport Rescue Firefighter
Fire Apparatus Operator: Mobile Water Supply
Fire Apparatus Operator: Pumper
Fire Department Safety Officer: Health and Safety Officer
Fire Department Safety Officer: Incident Safety Officer
Fire Fighter Bridge
Fire Fighter I RecertificationX*
Fire Fighter I/IIX*
Fire Fighter II
Fire Inspector I
Fire Inspector II
Fire Inspector III
Fire Instructor I
Fire Instructor II
Fire Instructor III
Fire Investigator I
Fire Investigator II
Fire Officer I
Fire Officer II
Fire Officer III
Fire Officer IV
Hazardous Materials/MWD Awareness
Hazardous Materials/MWD Operations
Hazardous Materials/MWD Awareness & Operations
Hazardous Materials/WMD Incident Commander
Hazardous Materials/WMD Technician
Honor Guard
Live Fire InstructorX*
Marine Fire Fighter
Plan Examiner I
Public Fire & Life Safety Educator I
Public Fire & Life Safety Educator II
Public Information Officer
Public Safety Telecommunicator I/II
Rapid Intervention Crews
RT: Cave I/II
RT: Confined Space I/II
RT: Dive I
RT: Rope IX*
RT: Rope II
RT: Structural Collapse I/II
RT: Surface Water I/II
RT: Swiftwater Bridge
RT: Swiftwater I/II
RT: Trench I/II
RT: Vehicle Extrication I & Machinery Extrication I
RT: Vehicle Extrication II & Machinery Extrication II
RT: Wilderness I/II
VFF: Block 1
VFF: Block 2
VFF: Block 3

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