Introduction to Canine Agility

This course will teach the beginning introduction to foundational agility commands. Basic agility skills consist of a canine moving confidently through a controlled obstacle course. These skills are taught in isolation, apart from search. The basic agility commands covered in this course are through, up, across, climb, and under. Each canine will be introduced to an agility command using prop and will progress to asking the canine to demonstrate the command with a lure.

This class has both classroom and practical exercises. Please bring your K9 to class in order to participate in the practical exercises. Students without a K9 will be selected to operate as a Search Team Manager throughout the course. Shaded and cooled areas will be provided for K9s in the classroom and at 3 locations throughout the drill field. Please bring a crate for your K9. Crates can be left overnight.

Training Requirements of the K9:

  • Must have a solid and reliable recall for safety
  • Must not be people or dog aggressive
  • *The dogs work off-leash with many people around and with other off-leash dogs. We won’t take the risk of a dog fight or dog bite. If we see behavior that is concerning we will discuss it with the handler and determine a plan for management which could include asking the K9 not to participate in the practical exercises.

    *Dogs are expected to be leashed when not working and we encourage you to crate your dog between exercises. Handlers are required to pick up after their dogs. Trash bags will be placed at all training sites.