Fire Fighter I/II Orientation

The mandatory hours for Main Campus in Tuscaloosa differentiate from the RTC Fire Fighter I/II Orientations. At the Tuscaloosa Campus, the hours are 8am – 5 pm. Mandatory attendance is required for the Fire Fighter I/II Orientation. The purpose of this orientation is to go over school policies and procedures, size for uniforms and turnout gear, complete admissions documentation and take part in a physical fitness session. Uniforms for this day will consist of the fire department work uniform for the department-sponsored recruit and a collared shirt, long pants, and closed-toe shoes for the self-sponsored recruit. All individuals in attendance must bring some form of exercise attire and a pair of running shoes. All portions of this orientation day are mandatory, to include the physical fitness section. In addition to the above requirements all students must have completed all portions of the application packet. This includes having a valid CPAT and proof of insurance

Should you have any issues that may preclude you from attending this session please contact us at 1-800-241-2467.