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Using the Alabama Fire College Mission as our guide, it is the goal of the Alabama Fire College to extend training opportunities into every county in Alabama. To accomplish this goal, the college has put into place a network of regional offices around the state. These regional offices are staffed by Alabama Fire College Regional Directors and Coordinators whose job is to act as the eyes and ears of the Fire College in the field. The Regional staff is available to answer questions, set-up training and respond to the needs of fire service across the state.

To further carry out this goal, the Alabama Fire College along with the cooperative efforts of fire departments across the state, have developed a plan to ensure there are Certified Volunteer or Certified Firefighter I/II firefighters in every county. Plus, the Alabama Fire College has made Instructor I courses available across the state thereby putting into motion a mechanism in every county for the local fire department to participate in their own training program.

The Alabama Fire College Regional Directors and Coordinators along with our faculty and staff are committed to bringing excellence in training and education throughout the state to the men and women of the emergency response community.
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