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RT Refresher I


To maintain proficiency with any of the rescue technician disciplines, refresher training and regular practice drills are vital. These refresher classes will include minimal classroom instruction with more emphasis on hands-on practice and problem-solving scenarios. This type of training will allow emergency response teams to demonstrate readiness and also sharpen the technical rescue skills of the team members. Includes RT: Trench Refresher, RT: Rope Refresher, RT: Structural Collapse (Shoring)

For more information, call 1-800-241-2467

Special Equipment - Trench-hardhat, work gloves, work boots (not firefighting boots), clothing suitable for outside activities, OSHA approved safety glasses, rope - coveralls, hardhat, gloves and knee pads & elbow pads (optional), Structural Collapse-PPE hardhat with chin strap, steel toed shoes, leather work gloves, clothing suitable for outside activities, rain gear (coat and trousers), knee pads, foam ear plugs, OSHA approved safety glasses

Physical Requirements - This course is physically challenging

Hours   24
Course Cost   $ 150 In-State     $ 250 Out-Of-State    

No Syllabus has been added for this course.

This course has no pre-requisites
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