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Mobile Training Props
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The Alabama Fire College is proud to include three Mobile Fire Trainers in our training resources fleet. The purpose of the Mobile Fire Trainer is to provide fire suppression training at any location while allowing a trained staff member to control the settings and safety elements of the live fire training scenario.

Mobile Fire Suppression Training course


We have partnered with Fort Payne Fire Department in acquiring an Emergency Vehicle Driver Simulation Trainer. Simulation training is intended to focus on the behavioral aspect of learning, and through these simulated driving scenarios students are given a safe environment in which they are faced with dangerous exercises and maneuvers with a perceived fear of failure and consequence. The goal of the training is to positively affect the future thought processes and behaviors when presented with similar real life situations. 


The propane simulator allows departments to plan and practice common scenarios faced at many structure fires. Responders will safely learn about the impact of radiant heat and direct flame impingement on a residential propane storage tank. Students will also be able to observe and learn about the relief valve and other safety features present with propane storage. With this prop, departments will be prepared to deal with the hazards that this common utility device presents to all responders in Alabama.

The Hazardous Materials Mobile Training Unit is designed to allow departments to practice and train for their applicable skill level with one prop. The prop is constructed on the chassis of a modern tanker that can be found traveling the roadways of every community in Alabama. The prop has leak panels and various fire effects that can be utilized to prepare your department's hazardous materials responders.

(Note: Certain features of the unit may not be used in all areas due to the requirements to make them function correctly and safely.)

  The Confined Space Mobile Training Unit allows departments to instruct and practice various skills close to home, by providing a consumption course for candidates and firefighters in a safe environment. The unit features water-based smoke, entanglement panels, collapse panels, and a full feature video/audio monitoring system. The prop can be used to drill firefighters in operating in restricted openings and locations in structures that will require advanced SCBA techniques. The prop may also be used to prepare and refresh firefighters for skills that are part of the RT: Confined Space certification process.

    The Mobile Drill Tower makes the instruction and skills practice/testing much easier for our partners across the state. Departments are able to use the prop to properly prepare firefighters to complete skills that are necessary to achieve certification in Volunteer Firefighter or the Firefighter I/II. This prop also allows departments to field deliver RT: Rope I. The prop is four stories tall and is equipped with internal and external lighting, a sprinkler system, standpipe connections, and anchor points for rope skills.

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