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Technical Rescue Personnel: Common Passenger Vehicle Rescue Awareness, Operations, and Technician

October 7, 2024

Alabama Fire College & Personnel Standards & Education Commission

This course is based on NFPA 1006: Standard for Technical Rescue Personnel Professional Qualifications Chapter 8, 2021 Edition. Participants may receive certification for Rescue Technician: Common Passenger Vehicle Rescue Awareness, Operations and Technician. This course is designed to offer a combination of classroom and practical evolutions that allow the student to learn proper techniques to plan for a vehicle/machinery incident, establish fire protection, stabilize a vehicle or machine, isolate potential harmful energy sources, determine vehicle access and egress points, create access and egress openings for rescue, disentangle victims, remove a packaged victim to a designated safe area, and terminate a vehicle/machinery incident.


(Pro Board or IFSAC) Certified Rescue Technician: Rope I or Technical Rescue Personnel: Rope Rescue Awareness and Operations Levels


Instate Cost: 350

Out of State Cost: 590

Required Text:

Jones and Bartlett, Vehicle Rescue and Extrication, Revised Second Edition

Certification Course Syllabus

Certification Practical Exam Materials – Currently under revision

Special Equipment:

  • NFPA compliant full turnout gear or coveralls
  • Hard hat or firefighting helmet
  • Work gloves
  • Work boots or firefighting boots
  • OSHA approved safety glasses