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Paramedic – P2

January 3, 2024

Alabama Fire College & Personnel Standards & Education Commission

EMS 241 PARAMEDIC CARDIOLOGY: This course introduces the cardiovascular system, cardiovascular electrophysiology, and electrocardiographic monitoring. This course further relates pathophysiology and assessment findings to the formulation of field impressions and implementation of treatment plans for specific cardiovascular conditions. Content areas include cardiovascular anatomy and physiology, cardiovascular electrophysiology, electrocardiographic monitoring, rhythm analysis, and prehospital 12-lead electrocardiogram monitoring and interpretation, assessment of the cardiovascular patient, pathophysiology of cardiovascular disease and techniques of management including appropriate pharmacologic agents and electrical therapy. Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Provider certification will be obtained.

EMS 242 PARAMEDIC PATIENT ASSESSMENT: This course provides the knowledge and skills needed to perform a comprehensive patient assessment, make initial management decisions, and to communicate assessment findings and patient care verbally and in writing. Content areas include airway management, history taking, techniques of the physical examination, patient assessment, clinical decision-making, communications, documentation and assessment based management.

EMS 246 PARAMEDIC TRAUMA MANAGEMENT: This course relates pathophysiology and assessment findings to the formulation of field impressions and implementation of treatment plans for trauma patients. Content areas include the pathophysiology, assessment, and management of trauma as related to trauma systems; mechanisms of injury; hemorrhage and shock; soft tissue injuries; burns; and head, facial, spinal, thoracic, abdominal, and musculoskeletal trauma. To improve the student’s awareness and knowledge, rescue by rope has been included for familiarization of techniques and equipment if they are ever involved in an incident.

EMS 248 PARAMEDIC CLINICAL II: This course is directed toward the application of knowledge and skills developed in didactic and skills laboratory experiences to the clinical setting. Theory and skills are applied to a variety of medical and trauma situations across the life span of the patient, with a focus on communication with and management of trauma, cardiac, acute care, psychiatric/behavioral, obstetrical, newborn, pediatric, geriatric, and acute interventions for chronic care patients, and patients with special challenges.


Completion of Alabama Fire College Paramedic 1 (P1);Courses include:
EMS 189 Applied Anatomy and Physiology for the Paramedic
EMS 243 Paramedic Pharmacology
EMS 244 Paramedic Clinical
EMS 245 Paramedic Medical Emergencies
EMS 247 Paramedic Special Populations


Instate Cost: 1655

Out of State Cost: 3105

Required Text:

Special Equipment: