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Emergency Medical Technician

January 4, 2024

Alabama Fire College & Personnel Standards & Education Commission

EMS 118 EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIAN: This course is required to apply for certification as an Emergency Medical Technician. This course provides students with insights into the theory and application of concepts related to the profession of emergency medical services. Specific topics include: EMS preparatory, airway maintenance, patient assessment, management of trauma patients, management of medical patients, treating infants and children, and various EMS operations. This course is based on the NHTSA National Emergency Medical Services Education Standards.


Student may enter course at 17 but must be 18 years of age before end of course; High school diploma/GED; Current valid driver’s license; Meet the essential functions for the EMT program; Additional admission requirements


Instate Cost: 835

Out of State Cost: 1670

Required Text:

Special Equipment: