Interested in web-enhanced classes?

Web-enhanced classes are the same courses we offer on-campus, with the classroom portion conducted in an online environment. All instruction will take place with one of our qualified instructors according to a specific schedule. These classes are not self-paced. Courses requiring hands-on skills are still conducted in person.

Upcoming Courses

Testing: Course dates and times listed do not include written testing. Students will have to sign up for a test date here. Students can register before the end of class but the test must occur after the last day of the course. Please pay careful attention to the date and times listed for the classes before registering.

Requirements: Attendance at all classes is mandatory in order to sit for certification testing. All web-enhanced courses require a laptop or equivalent device with a webcam, microphone, and internet connection to support online instruction.

What courses are offered as web-enhanced classes?
     – Please note that only courses listed as “Alabama Fire College – Web-Enhanced” are web-enhanced.

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