UL Research with the Fire Service

This course provides an overview of the UL Fire Service Research Institute and the process of UL with fire service partners in conducting grant funded research. The research projects include; Fire Behavior in Modern vs. Legacy Fuel Loads, Horizontal Ventilation, Vertical Ventilation, Basement Fires, Governors Island Testing with FDNY, Attic Fires, Positive Pressure Ventilation/Attack.
Through discussion on the experiments conducted in both acquired structures and structures constructed in the lab, the students will gain a better understanding of the effects of flow paths, fire dynamics, ventilation, fuel loads and construction on structure fires. This is accomplished through lecture that includes video of both experiments and actual fire footage captured on at incidents.
The course is great for the person just being introduced to the research or for the person who needs more information or has questions and wants and better understanding. The student will see examples and obtain resources to take back to their department. Tactical considerations based on the research are presented along with the research findings. Students are encouraged to come with questions and be prepared to participate in discussions about any of the research and tactical recommendations.