Service Testing: Pumpers-Hydrants-Hose

Service testing is an integral part of fire service equipment operation and maintenance.
Fire ground operations will at times require fire apparatus pumps, fire hose and fire hydrants to operate at their maximum performance level. Therefore, it is imperative that the fire suppression forces know the actual operational conditions and limitations of the fire fighting equipment within their arsenal. Service testing can provide this valuable information.

The service testing course is designed to provide the student with a working knowledge of service testing requirements and procedures for fire apparatus pumps, fire hose and fire hydrants. The course further surveys testing principles, examines and demonstrates various pieces of test equipment and reviews and illustrates the test records required in each equipment category. Utilizing the apparatus, fire hose and water supply resources within the local authority, the testing procedure will be thoroughly discussed and demonstrated in specific practical evolutions. This course is recommended for all fire service personnel.