G-131 Wildland Non-Supervisory Structural Firefighter, Advanced

This course, Wildland Training (FFT2) for Structural Fire Fighters, G-130,
contains training for structural fire fighters to close gaps in their knowledge
and skill that exist between their current structural skills and the NWCG
wildland skills. It is the first of the four gap courses. The target audience is
personnel in the position equivalent to Fire Fighter (FFT2) under the
Wildland Fire Qualification System Guide, PMS 310-1.

The purpose of this course is to train structural fire fighters in basic wildland
fire fighting skills. Fire Fighters who complete this training and pass the final
exam will be qualified to suppress wildland fires WHILE UNDER CLOSE
This course was designed to be presented by qualified instructors at any
The course objectives are based on gaps identified in the Skills Crosswalk.
At the completion of this course structural firefighters will:
• Identify the environmental factors of fuels, weather, and topography
that affect the start and spread of wildland fire.
• Describe the contributing factors that indicate the potential for
increased fire behavior that may compromise safety.
• Explain the LCES (Lookouts, Communications, Escape Routes, and
Safety Zones) system and how it relates to the Standard Firefighting
• Construct firelines to required standards using various methods.
• Strengthen, reinforce, and use holding actions on a fireline.
• Extinguish a fire with or without the use of water.
• Complete assigned tasks in a safe and efficient manner.
• Describe factors in a given wildfire environment that could impact