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Executive Section
David M. Russell, Executive Director
Melony Carroll, Employee Compensation Officer
Amy Bowden, Employee Development Officer 
Cece Hubbert, Finance Officer
Lonnie Branson, Support Specialist III
Kim Davis, Certification Unit Leader
Jerri Ayers, Certification Coordinator
Cindy Woods, Support Specialist II
Administration Section
Mary Beth Finn, Section Chief
Tiffany Lyons, Bookstore Unit Leader
Linda Putnam, Support Specialist II
James LeVert, Facilities Unit Leader
Donna Barrett, Custodian
Damien Davis, Maintenance Technician
Tracy McNair, Database Administrator
Shawn Spier, IT Specialist
Terri Huddleston, Registration Unit Leader
Patricia Hamilton, Support Specialist II
Kimberly Rodriguez, Support Specialist II
Student Services
Christy Ryland, Student Services Specialist
Kiristen Baker, Support Specialist III

Training Programs  
David Thornburg, Training Section Chief
Tamara Judd, Support Specialist III
Tina Simmons, Support Specialist III
Ashley Owens, Support Specialist II
DoD/Military Training  
Marty McElroy, DoD Specialist
Emergency Medical Services Training
Bailey Price, EMS Program Director
Ray Grantham, Training Specialist
Fire Service Training
Rick Gregg, Group Supervisor  
Adrean Booth, Training Specialist
Jason Jackson, Training Specialist
Steve Sutherland, Training Specialist 
Industrial & Workplace Safety Training
Kenny Oldfield, WST Program Director
Tabitha Carter, WST Administrative Assistant
Ted Krayer, WST Program Coordinator
Roy Stover, WST Program Specialist
Arizona Winborn, WST Logistics Specialist
Bill Warren, Logistics Unit Leader
Seth Hudson, Logistics Specialist
Jimmy Conner, Regional Specialist
Larry Langley, Regional Specialist
Regional Services Regional Services Divisions Map
Reid Vaughan, Special Projects Supervisor
Tim Blakemore, Region 8 Coordinator
Sam Crawford, Region 10 Coordinator
Mike Hill, Region 2 Coordinator 
Tim Jennings, Region 7 Coordinator
Skip Kittrell, Region 3 Coordinator
Jeff Roberts, Region 5 Coordinator
Rudy Rooks, Region 4 Coordinator
Danny Southard, Region 1 Coordinator
Baine Vaughn, Region 6 Coordinator
Dwayne Yelder, Region 9 Coordinator

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