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How do I enroll in Columbia Southern University (CSU)?

Go to www.columbiasouthern.edu, then, click on “Apply Now”.

Are there any special requirements for VA students?
If you are applying for VA benefits, you will need to provide a high school transcript and an original transcript from all post-secondary institutions that you have attended.

What program do I enroll in if I am a Firefighter, an Emergency Medical Technician, or a Paramedic?
The programs for Firefighters and Emergency Medical Service personnel are: Associate of Science in Fire Science,  Bachelor of Science Degree in Fire Administration, and Master of Science in Emergency Services Management.

How many classes are taught at the Fire College?
There are 40 elective courses and the Firefighter I/II certification available through the Alabama Fire College. There are 20 courses in EMS available through the Alabama Fire College, including Emergency Medical Technician, EMT Advanced, and Paramedic.

Do I have to attend classes at the CSU campus?
All classes that are taught through CSU can be taken online.

How many transfer credits am I eligible for if I am a Firefighter or in EMS?
A maximum of 55 credit hours of course work taken at the Alabama Fire College can be transferred to CSU.

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