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Paramedic Entrance Exam

The entrance exam for the Alabama Fire College Paramedic Program is used as an evaluation tool to determine if a students’ previous education has provided them with the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities to successful complete the rigorous demands of the Paramedic curricula. The entrance exam contains more than 100 items, is designed to illicit knowledge, evaluate comprehension, and determine if the student can analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information. Typical completion times are between 60-90 minutes. 

The entrance exam assesses six topics, which were agreed upon by a national committee of Emergency Medical Service (EMS) instructors. The topics include:

  1. Anatomy---EMS specific, items range from easy to very challenging.
  2. Physiology--- EMS specific, items range from easy to very challenging.
  3. Math---Decimals, multiplication,  division, fractions
  4. EMT content---Six units from the 2009 NREMT Practice Analysis (Airway, Cardiac, Medical, OB/Pediatrics, Operations, Trauma)
  5. Affective domain---M5-50 questionnaire, evaluates affability, conscientiousness, and emotional stability
  6. Reading comprehension---Ninth grade narrative, inference/analysis, summary, and vocabulary and an eleventh grade information expository, inference/analysis, summary, and vocabulary
Students will be required to set up a Field Internship Student Data Acquisition Project (FISDAP) account and pay a $25 fee by credit or debit card directly to FISDAP on the day of the entrance exam. This fee is the student’s responsibility; the Alabama Fire College does not include this cost in any tuition payment.

Call Student Services at (800)241-2467 to schedule your test.

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