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RT: Cave I/II


This course is based on NFPA 1006:Standard for Technical Rescue Personnel Professional Qualifications, Chapter 18. The course is designed for those persons who respond to incidents involving the application of special knowledge, skills, and equipment to safely resolve unique or complex rescue situations.

For more information, call 1-800-241-2467

Special Equipment - All necessary equipment will be furnished with the exception of personal caving and safety gear. The following is strongly recommended to allow the student the maximum participation in the course:

1. Approved helmet, with chinstrap bracket (no fire helmets)

2. Three sources of light, with main source being mounted on the helmet

3. Sturdy, lugged-sole lace-up boots

4. Twenty feet of 1” tubular webbing

5. Full seat harness

6. Three locking carabiners

7. Rugged clothing (no turnout gear)

8. Gloves with leather palms (work gloves are fine)

9. Descending device (figure 8, rack, etc.)

10. Ascending system (gibbs, jumars, etc., if possible)

11. Small heavy-duty pack for above equipment (not frame backpack)

Physical Requirements - This is a very physically demanding course which requires student to be in good physical condition.

Hours   40
Course Cost   $ 350 In-State     $ 590 Out-Of-State    

Required Text - Currently no book available

Certification Course Syllabus

Practical Exam Materials


  • (Pro Board or IFSAC) Certified Rescue Technician: Rope II

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