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Transfer Fire Fighter I (for employment)  Certification Training from Another Entity/State:

(For training meeting NFPA 1001 Level I (II)

Please note: To work in the State of Alabama as a career/paid fire fighter, an individual must meet the training hour requirements (360 hours per State law) and the certification requirements.

To view the Alabama Administrative Code requirements, see link below:
Alabama Administrative Code Reference:



Submit an Application for Certification to the chief officer of the fire department that is considering employment. The completed application should include (not limited to):

  • Copy of a Pro Board or IFSAC Fire Fighter I, I/II, II (NFPA 1001, Level I (required) and II (if applicable) certificate 
  • Copy of a Pro Board or IFSAC Hazardous Materials Awareness & Operational (NFPA 472 or 1072) (to include Mission Specific 6.2 and 6.6) certificate 
  • Official training academy transcript, syllabus, class records, schedules, etc. documenting training hours and topics for Fire Fighter I (& II, if applicable). Training Entity contact information must be included. Training must be verified.


The departmental Chief Officer will forward the Candidate’s completed Application package, signed by the chief officer of a municipal, county, state, federal or private-sector fire fighting agency within the State of Alabama to the Alabama Fire College Certification/Testing Office.

PLEASE NOTE: The Point of Contact for the submitted package will be the Chief Officer of the department.  All communication from the AFC regarding the approval status will be with the Chief Officer only.


The Chief Officer will be notified in writing (or email) by the Certification/Testing Office of the Candidate’s status. The Candidate may be required to perform additional training.

APPROVED Applications:

  • The Candidate will be required to sit for the Fire Fighter I (& II, if applicable) Challenge Exam; please note that skills testing may also be required.
  • Challenge Exam is 75 questions per level (FFI and FFII). Questions are validated to the current Instructional Manual and the current textbook, IFSTA’s, Essentials of Fire Fighting and Fire Department Operations, 6th edition.


  • Additional training or certifications required as prerequisites must be successfully completed prior to scheduling of Challenge Exam. 


  • Individual must not have been separated from the fire service for a period greater than five (5) years immediately preceding the application.
  • Fire Fighter Training hours must meet or exceed 360 hours in the Job Performance requirements listed in NFPA 1001.
  • The Application for Certification submitted by a department is in no way binding either for the employer or employee as a basis for employment.

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